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Helloooo, I am Lesley... 
My husband and I feel very proud and lucky to be the parents of one awesome daughter. 
My own journey is I fell pregnant after what seemed like a lifetime, I had an emergency cesaerian birth, and I absolutely love the journey of life with my little family. 
Falling pregnant was my challenge. I was busy and thought I was relaxed. Long working days of 60 hours a week with lots of driving (and studying) was my life. I was blessed and took an opportunity to work at a Chinese orphanage during this time; we simply cared for and loved the babies unconditionally all day long. Humbling, fun and life changing experience. My mindset was different, I was relaxed. I fell pregnant after 15 months of trying...phew...! 
I love to help people and believe supporting this generation helps the Next Generation of little people we bring into this world. So, with Serene Hypnobirthing, I am very excited to support both future Mums and partners to be relaxed, and have calm, loved and connected babies. 
Life itself, being a parent and professional experience has made me aware of just how important early experiences are, especially from birth to seven years old. These can shape us as a human being, as a child and into adulthood. 
We offer Serene Relaxation, Serene Hypnobirthing, Serene Family Support, Serene Personal Support and a fantastic bunch of people can help you within the Serene Community. 
I chose to work with the Mindful Mamma Hypnobirthing method of mindfulness and hypnosis as I believe it empowers future Mums' and their partners' to be calm throughout, confident in making choices, and most of all to create deep connections at every point of the pregnancy, birth and thereafter. This and other services I have included in Serene Hypnobirthing will give you a toolbox of skills and support for now and the future, as a person, a family and a parent. 
My self employment career started after taking voluntary redundancy from Management, Coaching and Training within the corporate world. My daughter was one and a half years old. I fulfilled my dream of being a Master NLP Practitioner (another life changer) in 2014, and became a Transformation Coach, Hypnotherapist and now a Mindful Mamma Hypnobirthing Practitioner. I love learning...what's next? Tell me what you need? 
Can't wait to meet you all (and bump). 
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