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Hi, I am Lesley...'My Why' in life is to help people, that is why I am a Transformation Coach. 
Da Silva Coaching's journey is below and I want you to get to know me. I hope you feel inspired and believe you can stop, start or change what you want to live life your way!  
Why did I create Da Silva Coaching? Because I love it and 'My Why' is to help people. I found NLP whilst working as a Regional Manager (trainer / coach) in a corporate company. I am very grateful to that very good friend who recommended it.  
After attending a 3 day workshop, I left as a more aware person, knowing I was stronger than what was stopping me from achieving my dreams; confident in myself and the choices I had to make to live life my way... and I began to love myself. I knew then one day I would do this for a living and help others just as I had been supported.  
In 2014 Da Silva Coaching was born and even when life as it does throws curveballs I use NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) every day, be it to help myself and/or others in a personal or professional capacity.  
I spent 17 years in the Corporate world and decided that voluntary redundancy could change my life in a positive way. Looking at my transferrable skills, understanding 'My Why', and trusting my gut led me to train as an NLP practitioner immediately. 
Da Silva Coaching was born in 2014. Soon after I completed my Masters NLP Practitioner and Hypnotherapy to support my clients and my own learning. Another mind blowing experience and again my self awareness, values and life reached new heights. 
Despite the corporate world no longer being my ideal life at this point, I am so grateful for the opportunities given to me as I completed my trainer and CIPD qualifications as well as a job that allowed me to coach almost daily. These skills and having worked with amazing leaders and teams, supported me being able to offer the services for Da Silva Coaching; training in other companies and coaching individuals in both personal/work based settings. It was amazing to learn the experience of new cultures, sectors and people. This allowed me to connect with a wider group of people as an individual, within topical workshops and training environments.  
My personal coaching sessions are completely person centric, and nothing beats that feeling of seeing the growth and difference they make to their own life and others around them. They leave with a toolbox of support skills that can help them continually develop; stay calm, feel relaxed, be confident in their own right, and connect with themselves and others to fulfill their deisred outcome, and much more...  
I believe supporting the now and next generation is the key to mutual support in being calm, confident, resilient and believe in ourselves.  
Life throws curveballs; I use my skills daily to self regulate, visualise and help myself so I can help others get what they want. You can too!  
I hope this helps you learn about me, if you want to know more about Da Silva Coaching services please contact me below.  
Thanks for reading this, have an amazing day!  
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