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The birth of a child brings a beautiful experience and an adjustment to family life for everyone. 
Some people can find the adjustment difficult and as this is a whole new situation in their lives sometimes they need some outside help to guide them through the early stages.  
1-2-1- Support 
Sometimes you may find you want 1-2-1 coaching through something more personal to you. I can offer support as a Transformation Coach or Hypnotherapist. Please visit to see how either/and NLP or Hypnotherapy can help you. You can see what other people say about their experience with Da Silva Coaching on Google, Facebook or LinkedIn.  
Meet ups  
Where possible there will be Meet Ups for all people who have used our services, this is to support new families coming together as they choose. Having somewhere to go to, someone to meet or chat to can make all the difference.  
Still deciding whether to use our services? Why not join our meet up as an opportunity to get to know me and those around me.  
I offer family support to individuals within the family unit and, of course, the family as a whole. 
We also have a closed Facebook group where families can talk to each other, share experiences and come to realise that this is quite normal and that you are not alone. 
I can be difficult to see things from a different angle when you are in the situation so I help to bring a different perspective to things and steer you and your family in the right direction. 
Click here to contact me if things aren't feeling right but you can't quite put your finger on why. The key is to not let things build up. 
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